About Us

Tsutomu Okamoto, Ph.D.

Director of Walking Development Group
Professor Emeritus of Kansai Medical University

Dr. Tsutomu Okamoto has researched electromyographical gait studies for forty years. He was a member of the gait research project at the Center for Rehabilitation Medicine at Emory University, Atlanta, U.S.A. His papers have been published in many professional journals and his electromyographical data on infant walking is cited widely internationally. He has received many awards, including the Minister of Education Award, Prince Chichibu Memorial Award and the Osaka Governor Award.

Kayoko Okamoto, Ph.D.

Researcher of the Walking Development Group
Part-time Lecturer at Kyoto University

Dr. Kayoko Okamoto has continued gait research and development together with her father, Dr. Tsutomu Okamoto, and won the Incentive Prize from the Japanese Society of Biomechanics. She has researched and developed a unique walking method and exercise program for preventing falls and avoiding becoming bed-ridden based on her own grandfather's experience, who regained independent walking power with rehabilitation training from a bedridden condition caused by cerebral infarction.